Feb 19, 2009

Public Display of Violence

This post has been removed on account of copyright infringement. I extend my sincerest apologies to the original author for trying to pass off their words as my own.


  1. ''The police often stands by to watch as rioters unleash mayhem and destruction, but they do this mostly because they know that the violence they are witnessing is not a mere law-and-order situation, but an episode of a bigger political magnum opus. It is simply outside their domain''

    brilliantly put Surbhi.....mob mentality is well...a temporary suspension of any rationale or logic and hence the term.....you have put it so brilliantly here and I agree with each and every point...I dont know what all to comment on ..coz its all so true..
    hats off to you..how do you write such posts?in a such a hard hitting manner?

    PS:-could you give references too..it would help in taking this further..and in backing it up with examples of such incidents

  2. The first thing that i would like to tell you that though you felt intense desire to do something a mob does, you can not actually do that. The mind of a thinking person gets frustrated at events, but as soon as the moment reaches, the mind asks what is it for, why should i ?

    It is perhaps only the people who have got nothing else to do to participate in such accidents. Accidents , as they should be called because they are caused due to negligence. I wonder what would be the parent's take on such acts of people. I can guess that these mobs comprise of perhaps those unemployed YOUTHS, who've learnt nothing good in their lives to earn, and are perhaps paid by the politicians to do so. As far as the experience from TV suggests, only very few of them seem to know for what they are ravishing out, others just enjoy and have a blast. Excellent professionals, perhaps they are :) !!

  3. Indyeah:
    Thanks for the appreciation. As I said to GM earlier, it is a combination of my thoughts, research and some sly copy-paste. :)
    Sure I'll provide references. No worries on that. We def. should take all of this further.

    PS: Now that I write two blogs on two different subjects, I'm just appreciating how much there is to do!

  4. RK:
    Why I wrote that little autobiographical part was inspired by something I read while researching on it. And your reaction to it exactly proves my point here - even if we want to, we can't and won't. We'll ask ourselves hundreds of questions. You are absolutely right.
    You are also correct when you say the people who indulge in this are illiterate and/or unemployed, and often unaware of what the issue is all about.
    I remember an incident last year when Pravin Togadia had blocked traffic all over Delhi to protest against the Ram Setu issue. The mobsters who were screaming slogans and setting vehicles on fire at busy intersections stopped all traffic and prevented even ambulances from getting to hospitals or to patients. At the Ashram intersection, and acquaintance of mine actually asked one of the protestors what the commotion was all about. And ou won't be surprised to know that the protestor said, "Pata nahin bhaisahab, hamein to yahan khada kar ke kaha tha ki zor zor se 'Jai Shree Ram' bolna aur kisi gaadi ko jaane mat dena. Hamein nahin pata kya ho raha hai."


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